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Andaba yo felizmente leyendo HN hace unas semanas, cuando un comentario al enésimo post sobre la cultura de Valve llamó mi atención:

Do you like scenario planning? Shell “proves” it works.

Stalinist management? Apple “proves” it works.

Velvet sweatshop? Microsoft “proves” it works.

Data über alles? Google “proves” it works.

Self-directed workplace? Valve “proves” it works.

Hay tanto inútil escribiendo tantas líneas sobre “cultura” en startups tecnológicas (y servidor no es una excepción), que sonroja que nadie caiga en lo más obvio: mientras haya dinero en la caja, da igual la cultura que tengas. Casi todas triunfan.

Listen to this: ProE, FormZ, Catia, Rhino, Solidworks. Wifi, bluetooth, WiMax. Radio frequency ID chips. Global and local positioning systems. Digital inventory systems. Cradle-to-cradle production methods. Design for disassembly. Social software, customer relations management. Open source manufacturing.

These jigsaw pieces are snapping together. They create a picture, the picture of a new and different kind of physicality. It’s a new relationship between humans and objects.

If you can bear with me a while today, and kind of oil and loosen the joints of your incredulity, I’m gonna suspend some disbelief for you here.

You see, the future is already here, it’s just not well distributed yet.

Bruce Sterling

Supongo que Guy Kawasaki no necesita presentación (lo que no quiere decir que sea un impresentable :P). Ahora se dedica al noble arte de invertir en startups, dar conferencias y publicar libros llenos de obviedades. La sombra de quien llegó a ser Apple Evangelist.

También tiene un blog bastante majo, en el que de vez en cuando suelta verdades como templos. Muy de vez en cuando.

Leyéndolo, noté que varias veces utiliza la figura de su madre para dar consejos. Dudo que sea real, pero tiene su gracia. He hecho una recopilación de las que he ido encontrando:

As my mother used to say…

  • “If you don’t blog, you don’t get.”
  • “Guy, it doesn’t matter what people say about you as long as they link to your blog.”
  • “You can never know too many bloggers or have too hard a slap shot.”
  • “Never play Russian roulette with an Uzi.”
  • “Be nice to people on the way up because you’re going to see them again on the way down.”
  • “Best case, engineers give buildings. Best case, MBAs endow chairs.”
  • “You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.”
  • “You don’t get if you don’t ask.”
  • “How can you tell if a marketer is lying? His lips are moving.
  • “Don’t shiitake where you eat.”

Sentido común en pequeñas píldoras.

When you evolve out of start-up mode and start worrying about being professional and dignified, you only lose capabilities. You don’t add anything… you only take away. Dignity is deadly.