Yesterday lots of people tried to translate the content of the post with different web translators. We have tried them and we have checked that their translations are very poor, so let me explain briefly who we we are what and we do.

We are an startup. A great idea, a bunch of geeks, a garage, lots of pizza, even more coffee… you know. We started researching about Grid Computing in a R+D group of the University (UPC) 3 years ago, and we made some projects for telcom and biotechnology firms. Our main finding was checking that the most used solution (Globus) doesn’t suit the needs of most companies.

Our solution is the first Grid application which can run in all the operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOSX, BSD’s…). It can be used in all kind of devices (computers, PDA’s, mobile phones… even fridges) due to its small size (less than 400 kbytes). Furthermore, it was designed thinking in modularity and escalability, so it’s easy developing stable and light solutions with it.

We are also developing a framework for making  building of grid applications simply. This framework will be able to run complex services transparently, deciding in each moment which resources of the grid are going to be used in each moment, thanks to a layer of intelligent agents. Any kind of users will take profit of the framework. Developers will be able to develop services with our API, independently of the infrastructure it will be used in. System administrators will be able to declare devices and their resources in the grid, implementing security policies. Least  but no last, final users, will be able to run services and monitor the grid, using the API or the framework web interface.

If you want more information do not hesitate contacting